Summer Krush Bundle

The Summer Krush Bundle is everything we need to fulfill our summer plans. Let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy a Summer Krush! This limited edition bundle is great for permenant ombre, acrylic nails and mixed nail art. The matching lacquers complete the set to match the toes. So many fun combinations can be created with this bundle and we hope all your summer krushes come true! 


Whats Inside? 

  • 4 oz Fortify No Prime Monomer
  • 2 0z Nexus Dark Pink
  • 2oz Nexus Nude Peach
  • 2 oz Nail Antiseptic Spray
  • Krush It Neon Sculpting Powders
  • 4 Krush Colored Nail Lacquers
  • Pack you swimsuit, Bae-Cation, Road Trip,Trips,sips & dips 


    $121.00 Regular Price
    $110.00Sale Price

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